Exploring the wood-wide web with Celeste Basken and Randy Swaty

Did you know that many plants are connected via an underground fungal network? Did you realize that ~95% of beer is water and that more than 50% of our water comes from forests? Watch Celeste’s video then join an OktoberForest celebration presentation on October 8th at 7pm (Eastern) to learn more.

Randy Swaty and Celeste Basken https://www.nature.org/en-us/get-involved/how-to-help/volunteer-and-attend-events/find-local-events-and-opportunities/indiana-tnc-tv/?vu=indianatv

Electromicrograph of a pinyon pine root covered by symbiotic fungi (Swaty and Sellers, 2000)

Celeste’s exploration of Wood-Wide Webs

For a school project Celeste, COnservation Data Lab member had to make a video. Digging into her curiosity about plants and how they might communicate she did research on how plants are connected and produced an amazing three-minute video you can watch here.

Forest network diagram from Celeste’s video

Announcement: Randy on TNC TV October 8th at 7pm Eastern

DYK trees can communicate with each other? Learn from Randy Swaty, ecologist for TNC in Michigan, as he takes us down the arboreal superhighway. Randy will discuss his research on symbiotic mycorrhiza fungi (myco = fungi, rhizza = root), how you can grow wine cap mushrooms and how fungi can help plants get water.

Join us!

Beer depends on forests. Learn how to protect beer’s main ingredient here